Day Two

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“The virtue of St. Martin, which was the miracle of the world, was founded in the most profound humility, perfect meekness, and self-denial, by which he was dead to himself, in his continual meditation on religious truths, in his love of heavenly things, and contempt of the world, to which his heart was crucified: Lastly, in the constant union of his soul to God, by the exercise of holy prayer, and by the entire resignation of himself to the divine will in all things without reserve.”

—Rev. Alban Butler, The Lives or the Fathers, Martyrs and Other Principal Saints (Dublin: James Duffy, 1866)

[Image: Detail from “St. Ulrich und Martin Langhausfresko” by Konrad Huber (~1787), located in Katholische Pfarrkirche St. Ulrich und Martin, Wittislingen, Germany]

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