St. Martin’s Lent Meditations

I’ve put together a collection of interesting stories, factoids, and images relating to Saint Martin of Tours and the places where he lived and left his mark. This year, 2020, there are thirty-seven days in St. Martin’s Lent (excluding Sundays which are always a celebration of the Resurrection)—clicking or tapping on a number will take you to the page dedicated to that day’s meditation. I wish you all a blessed St. Martin’s Lent.

Nov 12th
Nov 13th
Nov 14th
Nov 16th

Nov 17th
Nov 18th
Nov 19th
Nov 20th

Nov 21st
Nov 23rd
Nov 24th
Nov 25th

Nov 26th – Thanksgiving Day
Nov 27th
Nov 28th
Nov 30th

Dec 1st
Dec 2nd
Dec 3rd
Dec 4th

Dec 5th
Dec 7th
Dec 8th
Dec 9th

Dec 10th
Dec 11th
Dec 12th
Dec 14th

Dec 15th
Dec 16th
Dec 17th
Dec 18th

Dec 19th
Dec 21st – Winter Solstice
Dec 22nd
Dec 23rd

Dec 24th – Christmas Eve