St. Martin’s Lent Meditations

I’ve put together a collection of interesting stories, factoids, and images relating to Saint Martin of Tours and the places where he lived and left his mark. This year, 2018, there are thirty-seven days in St. Martin’s Lent (excluding Sundays which are always a celebration of the Resurrection)—clicking or tapping on a number will take you to the page dedicated to that day’s meditation. I wish you all a blessed St. Martin’s Lent.

Nov 12th
Nov 13th
Nov 14th
Nov 15th

Nov 16th
Nov 17th
Nov 19th
Nov 20th

Nov 21st
Nov 22nd – Thanksgiving Day
Nov 23rd
Nov 24th

Nov 26th
Nov 27th
Nov 28th
Nov 29th

Nov 30th
Dec 1st
Dec 3rd
Dec 4th

Dec 5th
Dec 6th – St. Nicholas Day
Dec 7th
Dec 8th

Dec 10th
Dec 11th
Dec 12th
Dec 13th – St. Lucy’s Day

Dec 14th
Dec 15th
Dec 17th
Dec 18th

Dec 19th
Dec 20th
Dec 21st – Winter Solstice
Dec 22nd

Dec 24th – Christmas Eve