Day Sixteen

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“St. Martin. What a man! What a saint! What a leader! . . . Martin was a daring, decisive, unconventional, generous person, whose spur of the moment decisions seemed always to pay off.

“Martin did nothing by halves . . . it is clear that [he] not only did bold, unusual things but was also a very saintly and compassionate person with a strong faith in Christ, who during a long life worked hard to convert the pagans to Jesus Christ, in spite of attacks on his life. And, miraculous cures and happenings were attested to him, due to Martin’s intervention and his prayers to heaven.”

—Patrick Coffey, Saints of Old (Bloomington, IN: iUniverse, 2011), p 44

[Image: Detail from “Martin und der Bettler (Martin and the Beggar)” by Joseph Anton Hafner (1743), located in Klosterkirche Weißenau (today parish church of St. Peter and Paul), Germany]

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