Recommended Reading

This list is a work in progress. The books listed here are volumes that I personally own and find helpful. As my home library grows, this page will also gain new selections. Clicking on the cover image will take you to the books’ corresponding Amazon page, where you can find additional information about each title and order them, if you like.

[Editor’s Note: some of these titles are out of print but available for purchase from third-party vendors.]

Celebrating Around the Year
Comprehensive guides to celebrating the seasons of nature and the Christian year. Selections include craft ideas, recipes, and more.

Titles cover many aspects of homemaking, both in a spiritual and a practical sense. Mostly written for a female audience. Both those with children and those without will find inspiration in these resources.

Feasts, Festivals, & Holy Days for Children
Many of these selections are referenced elsewhere on this site. These are books that I have hand-selected for their beauty and content. Most of these books clearly deal with a particular saint or Church season, whereas others have messages that fit nicely with a particular festival’s intention.

Seasons of Nature for Children
These books cover the entirety of the natural year or a particular season of nature. I’ve used some of these titles as part of our nature table display, and others as selections in a seasonal book basket the children can peruse at their leisure.

Seasons of Nature for Adults
Below you will find books that I use for my own personal development; they have helped greatly in my quest to deepen my relationship with the natural world. I’ve chosen these titles because of their beauty, both in words and pictures.